Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A new revival

Last year, it had been a amazing journey for us all who participating in this dance team. Many of us had experienced God's hand on our team that he indeed brought us through trial and challenges

Well as for this new 2010, we believe God will only bring us from strength to strength and all those challenges we had gone through will not deterred our passion for our people and the heart to dance for god, but even set a fire on us to want to bring a breakthrough in this team.

So in terms of our structure for this year, we are back to........
Passion to dance

So let everyone know,

We will continuously to hold our current dance class
behind UQ exhibition hall (huge glass place) at 5pm on Sat

Feel free to come and join us, we are more than happy to have all of you to come

Have a great and excited semester......^^
update you soon for any great news ahead

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Project Passion is BACK

After a long wait.... we're back!

We apologize for making everyone wait for close to a month as many of us at Project Passion have been busy with rehearsals and planning for our Multicultural Fiesta performance (organised by Hope Brisbane Christian Church and Campus Christian Movement) that happened two weeks ago at QUT, Kelvin Grove.

Check out the our pioneer performance at Youtube!
Praise God for such a great performance whipped up in less than a month!

And now we're back with greater Passion than before! Come join us this Saturday!

Venue: UQ Sport Multi Purpose Hall (Dance Studio)
Time: 1-2pm
Fee: $3 (to help us cover the booking fee)

See you there this Saturday!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Budding Flame

Hello everyone! Welcome to Project Passion!

It's been 3 weeks since the official start of Project Passion and God has been great to us! Let's look at our Passion Journey over the past weeks!

Week 1 (29th May 2009)
We started off our 1st week behind UQ centre, with a nice late autumn breeze that took us through the night with Joe's cool hip hop dance basics! We had a turn out of almost 15-odd people and everyone had fun learning the groove, basic footwork and body isolations!

Heaps of laughter and fun and a great choreography by Joe to top the night off with it. It was a great workout and endeavour as many discovered that their body was made to dance!

Week 2 (6th June 2009)
Beautifully, we worked our way into week 2, and thanks to God's marvelous provision, we booked a dance studio at UQ SPORTS!

And that was where we had more than 20 participants come and unravel the deep secrets of Jazz Dance! We had Joe bring us through a series of basic jazz moves, lines and turns that got everyone exploring their body was not only made to dance, but we were made to be 'elastic' too! Stretch it people!

Shannon took the second half of the class off with a sassy choreography - All That Jazz (adapted from the musical Chicago). The giggles, class and style blew us off our seats that we couldn't just remain bystanders in this! Everyone got their body jazzed up and ignited a jazz flame within. Praise God for Project Passion aims to unveil the flame we have within, to help everyone realise their full potential that God has intended us to have!

Week 3 (13th June 2009)
In the midst of examinations and textbook mugging, we embarked on the third week of Project Passion Dance Classes! This week we returned to the groovy Hip Hop dance and learn more basics of body throwing and balance, footwork and also added a tinge of break dance and crumping into our training!

And this week, let the photos and video paint the thousand words! Enjoy the following!

Joe teaching us body isolations.

And then through the hip hop choreography.

The final product! Good jobs guys!

Well, that's all for now! But keep in tune for more of PROJECT - PASSION!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Welcome to Project Passion^^

First thanks for Joe, Shannon and Alvin!!
Your work counts for all the development of this group^^

Welcome to our Dancing group called: Project Passion!!
We are a group of people who are passionate about dancing and would like to deliver this passion through this dance group to the community.

Last week we first start our class....even though is small, but i already can see how great it can turn out to be^^. So can't wait for the official opening and looking forward to its future growing.

May the lord bless our group and let it be fruitful work for God's kingdom