Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A new revival

Last year, it had been a amazing journey for us all who participating in this dance team. Many of us had experienced God's hand on our team that he indeed brought us through trial and challenges

Well as for this new 2010, we believe God will only bring us from strength to strength and all those challenges we had gone through will not deterred our passion for our people and the heart to dance for god, but even set a fire on us to want to bring a breakthrough in this team.

So in terms of our structure for this year, we are back to........
Passion to dance

So let everyone know,

We will continuously to hold our current dance class
behind UQ exhibition hall (huge glass place) at 5pm on Sat

Feel free to come and join us, we are more than happy to have all of you to come

Have a great and excited semester......^^
update you soon for any great news ahead

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